Outdoor Dome - FAQs

Outdoor Dome FAQ's - answers to some of the most popular questions asked about the installation and construction of the outdoor domes.

Shipping & Delivery

Our current lead time for delivery within the UK is 4 – 6 weeks although we do hold a limited stock of certain sizes in our warehouse which are available for immediate delivery.

£145 + VAT

Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Sussex: FREE delivery & collection

Central London: £100.00

Other counties: price is on application

Other counties: price is on application

Please call us for further information.

What's in the box?

- 100+ numbered & letter-coded polycarbonate panels
- Complete set of screws and cap nuts
- Aluminium entrance frame kit
- Rollable membrane zip door
- Deck screws or ground anchoring pins (upon request)
- Assembly Toolkit: Ratchet socket, screwdriver bits, hex key (allen wrench) 
- Installation & Maintenance
- Manuals + Warranty Card
- Cleaning Kit incl. hand washer with sponge and micro-fibre cleaning cloth

Building the Aura Dome

Are the Aura Domes easy to build? 

The smaller domes – 3m, 3.5m and 3.6m are not that difficult to build. Assembly requires a minimum of 2 persons and takes on average 4.5 hours. Supplied with the dome are all the tools and assembly manual required. You will need at least a 1.5m tall ladder during the assembly and dismantle.

For the larger dome – 4.5m + we recommend you have it built by our team as it will require a minimum of least 4 persons and on average, they can take from 6 hours.

Can the Aura Domes be dismantled, stored and used again? 

The smaller dome – 3m, 3.5m and 3.6m can be dismantled quickly and re-built. If you are considering doing this, we recommend you keep the packaging for storage of the panels.

The larger domes can be dismantled and re-built but again we recommend you contact us to discuss as it may require a number of crew. 

How are the Aura domes anchored to the ground or decking? 

The Aura Domes can be secured to the decking with the provided decking screws.

Alternatively you can anchor them directly into the ground using anchor pins. These are sold separately.

How to maintain the Aura Dome

Aura Dome requires minimum maintenance. To keep it in a good shape clean it regularly with a lukewarm water and cleaning kit provided. We advise to remove larger dirt such as leaves, mud, bird droppings, etc. as quickly as possible.

All Weather Conditions

Are the Aura Domes rain resistant?

they are. Due to their clever overlapping panel design the water flows over the panels and down to the ground keeping the interior nice and dry.

Are the Aura Domes wind resistant?

Due to their Geodesic design, the Aura Dome is structurally rigid and transfer the load equally across the structure. As long as they are securely anchored to the ground or decking, they are capable of resisting sever high winds.

Are the Aura Domes sound resistant inside?

Due to being made of Polycarbonate which acts like transparent glass they offer good soundproofing.

Can the UV rays from the Sun cause damage to furniture?

The polycarbonate is UV resistant which means furniture and other stuff are safe even on very sunny days.

Are the Aura Domes fully transparent ?

As a Frameless polycarbonate structure, the Aura Domes offer uninterrupted 360 degree view.

Can I use the Aura Dome on a hot, sunny day?

As any other type of completely clear structures, the interior of the Aura Dome does heat up on hot,
sunny days.

What is the capacity of the Aura Domes?

D3 | Seated: 6 Standing: 12

D3.5 | Seated: 8 Standing: 17

D3.6 | Seated: 8 Standing: 18

D4 | Seated: 10 Standing: 18

D4.5 | Seated: 12 Standing: 28

D5 | Seated: 16 Standing: 34

D6 | Seated: 24 Standing: 50

D7 | Seated: 32 Standing: 68

D8 | Seated: 40 Standing: 89

D9 | Seated: 48 Standing: 110

D10 | Seated: 64 Standing: 139

D11 | Seated: 76 Standing: 163

D12 | Seated: 96 Standing: 201

What options do you supply as doors?

All domes bar the 3m and 3.6m do have the option of either being fitted with a 100% clear, rollable, membrane zip-door or a lockable, 100% clear polycarbonate door.

The 3m dome only comes with the lockable polycarbonate door.

The 3.6m only comes with 100% clear, rollable, membrane zip-door.


Does Aura Dome offer any ventilation openings?

For improved ventilation on hot days, we suggest keeping the entrance membrane door open. To further assist air-circulation we also offer an optional ventilation panel that replaces one of the standard panels. It can be either ordered with the new dome or retrofitted if you already own an Aura Dome.

You are able to fit more than one ventilation panel into a dome.

Is it possible to use either an A/C unit or air circulation unit to cool the interior?

Fora simple out of the box solution you can install stand alone air circulation units with the dome. Alternatively if you want greater temperature control the Aura Dome can be equipped with an optional panel that allows for A/C ducting to be installed neatly. This means, you can equip your Aura Dome with a small, neat-looking, stand-alone A/C unit. 

The recommended number of units is highlighted within the product specifications as they will vary depending on the size of the dome.

Can I use a heating source to warm up the interior? 

Yes, it's best to use a standalone, electric heater or radiator. We do not recommend using gas heaters inside of the dome, due to the limited ventilation.

Do you provide base / flooring for the Aura Domes?

We offer a modular hexagonal pine floor system with adjustable legs which is available across the whole range.

We also offer an additional pine decking system if you wish to build out from the dome structure.

Finance Options

Yes, but currently only for companies. If you are wishing to spread the cost of our products, financing options are available from 1 to 5 years. This is not arranged through us but through a recommended third party supplier. Please enquire with the office if you would like further information.

Are nearly new domes available to purchase?

We have a limited number of nearly new 3.6m domes available to purchase. These domes formed part of our hire stock but are taken out of circulation on a regular basis.

If none are available, please supply us with your details and we will add you to the waiting list.


The Aura Dome is covered with a 2-years warranty against any manufacturing defects. Expected lifespan of the Aura Dome is at least 10 years.