3.5m Outdoor Dome - The Aura Dome™ D3.5

£6,285.00 £5,635.00

The Aura Dome™ D3.5 is one of our most popular outdoor domes in the range. Measuring 3.5m in diameter, this outdoor dome is perfect for your garden at home or as a pop up meeting room at work.

Suitable for, pubs, cafes, restaurants, hotels, outdoor venues, gardens or at home.


  • Diameter | 3.5m
  • Door Type | Tempered Glass
  • Base Area | 9.62m2
  • Max Height | 2.8m

Seated: 8 
Standing: 17


Code: 101-AURA-D3,5-X4/5-F6-H000-S000-C503-A120

Download a factsheet (PDF)