3.6m Outdoor Dome - The Aura Dome™ D3.6

£2,875.00 £2,865.00

Make the most of your garden with 100% transparent D3.6 Aura Dome™. This is our most popular outdoor dome as it is easy to install, is low maintenance, is water and wind restart and also provides UV protection . This outdoor dome offers 360 degree views and is a popular dome for outdoor dining, a dome for hot tubs, a garden igloo or even a glamping dome.


  • Diameter | 3.6m
  • Circumference | 11.31m
  • Door Type | PVC Zip Door
  • Base Area | 9.81m2
  • Max Height | 2.14m
  • Weight | 120kg

Seated: 8 
Standing: 18

Download a factsheet (PDF)