10m lengths of LED Fairy Lights


Light up your Perspex Dome and add some beautiful outdoor fairy lights. The simplest lighting solutions really can bring your Aura Dome to life.

White Rubber Cable with 90 x Warm White LEDS on each 10m Length. Suitable for temporary short term outdoor use. 13amp Starter cable included.

The strings are connectable end to end, run a maximum of 12 sets off a single 13a starter cable. 118.8m long.


  • Cable Length 10m
  • Cable Spec 3 x 0.5mm HO3RN-F
  • Qty Lamps = 90 x 3v / 15mA 0.045w
  • Lamp Spacing approx 110mm
  • Light strings Join End to End

Number of 10m lengths of LED Fairy Lights

Small sized Outdoor domes (D3, D3.5, D3.6 & D4.5): Qty: 1/2
Medium sized Outdoor domes (D5, D6 & D7): Qty 2/3
Large sized Outdoor domes (D8 & D10): Qty 3/4
Extra Large Outdoor sized domes (D12): Qty 4